Urs Kalbitzer

Research Associate

McGill University

About me

I am a behavioral ecologist and biological anthropologist interested in primate social behavior and primate responses to anthropogenic changes in their environments. Recently, I conducted research on male-male competition in baboons and I am currently investigating costs and benefits of female sociability in white-faced capuchins and red colobus monkeys. Having worked in several places in the world where primates and other organism are threatened by human activities, I also want to understand how animals respond to environmental change, so that I can help prevent their extinction.

Furthermore, I am passionate about quantitative methods and data analysis in general and absolutely enjoy coding (mostly in R). Therefore, I started a blog about analyzing behavioural and environmental data (https://bedatablog.netlify.com)


  • Behavioral Ecology
  • Social Behavior
  • Biological Anthropology
  • Quantitative Methods
  • Primates
  • Coding


  • PhD in Biology

    University of Göttingen, Germany


Female Sociability

Female sociability and fitness in primates

Changing Environments

Primate responses to changing environments.

Male-male competition

Male-male competition and tolerance in baboons.


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. Primate Responses to Changing Environments in the Anthropocene. Primate Life Histories, Sex Roles, and Adaptability, 2018.


. What will climate change mean for primates?. Primatology, Bio-cultural Diversity and Sustainable Development in Tropical Forests. A Global Perspective, 2018.